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Product Offerings

Spiral Pipe

Spiral Pipe

Specialty Fabrications


Rectangular Duct

Rectangular Duct Prefab
  • Daily production capacity = 3,000 lbs.

  • Sizes range from 3"-84" in diameter

  • Maximum length = 30' long

  • Materials include: Stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized

  • Custom fabrication jobs

  • Quick turnaround time 

  • Examples:  Long seam, fully-welded pipe and fittings; and high purity stainless steel fittings for cleanroom applications

  • 20' Fully Automated 2KW Fiber Laser Cutting System

  • 28' Plasma Cutting Table

  • Capable of producing 15,000 lbs. of rectangular duct and fittings per day

Curb Adapters

  • Average 3-Day Lead Time

  • Streamlined Ordering Process

  • Extensive Curb Database


  • Full Supply Stock of Flex-Duct & Button-Lock Pipe

  • Full Line of Fittings Needed to Install HVAC Ducts Systems


  • Full Line of Accessories for HVAC Duct Installation

  • Duct Tape, Ducts Sealer, Screws, Hanger Straps, Hat Sections, Insulation, and More

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