Spiral Pipe

Kolsten Industrial is a high quality manufacturer of Spiral Pipe for the HVAC Industry. Our Spiral Pipe machine is capable of producing over 3,000 pound of duct per day in sizes ranging from 3" to 84" diameter and up to 30' long.


Rectangular Duct

Kolsten Industrial is a high quality manufacturer of Rectangular Duct and fittings for the HVAC Industry. Our Fully-Automated Coil-Line and 2 Plasma Cutters are capable of producing over 15,000 pound of rectangular duct and fittings per day. 



Kolsten Industrial is a quality supplier of Stock Duct and Fittings in the HVAC Industry. We stock a full supply of Flex-Duct and Button-Lock Pipe, as well as a full line of fittings needed to install your HVAC duct system.



Kolsten Industrial carries a full line of accessories needed to complete your HVAC Duct installation. From Duct Tape, Duct Sealer and Screws, to Hanger Strap, Hat Sections and Insulation, Kolsten Industrial has what you need.